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Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution oriented to industrial process fault detection

We develop new opportunities for industries and businesses powered by AI applications in the field of image recognition.


We put our experience in Artificial Intelligence  to solve problems in which it is necessary classify/recognize the input data (time series or images) .
This by supervised or unsupervised neural network

Therefore, unlike a traditional feed forward that works on the general information of the image, a CNN works and classifies the image based on particular characteristics of it. In other words, depending on the type of filter used, it is possible to identify different things on the reference image, for example the contours of the figures, vertical or horizontal lines, diagonals, and so on.

Neural network supervised and unsupervised pattern recognition oriented to industrial fault detection problems.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has undergone enormous expansion and there is still room for development in many different areas. Having an innovative look at the use of technology can give players a competitive advantage on the market, allowing better and faster improved processes.

Convolutional Neural Network

A convolutional neural network (CNN) is a type of feed-forward neural network inspired by the organization of the visual cortex. As the human brain makes simplifications to allow us to recognize objects the same will do our neural network. 


Image Recognition

Image recognition is one of the most interesting applications of Artificial Intelligence, thanks to the development of CNN. This kind of technology trains the AI to identify specific image’s features, like human eyes would do.



This is the right moment

 It is a promising historical moment to apply neural networks and artificial intelligence to industrial processes. Huge strides have been made and the development of new and increasingly advanced technologies make these systems more accessible to the market.

We want to be a valid support for our partners, we want to make a difference.

Model-free approach

Our approach based on CNN do not needs any modelling assumptions

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