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Our Experience

Industry 4.0 Explorer is a project born thanks to a staff that can boast over 30 years of experience in industrial process analysis and design, SCADA system, dynamic modelling and control, predicative fault detection with natural rules and/or connectionist reasoning.

The company is led by a 20 years University Professor skilled in Rigid Body Mechanics, Spacecraft Attitude and Orbital Control, Computational Fluid Dynamics, who published a Problem solving book on rigid body dynamics and more than 50 scientific papers enhancing subjects like Mechanical measurements, space systems and neural networks.

Improvement cannot exist without research and development and I4X has more than 300 research projects accepted and 150 plants analyzed.

About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to use the potential of Artificial Intelligence and its applications to optimize and improve specific industrial processes. We deeply know innovative technologies and systems, which have been talked about a lot in recent years and which can bring many advantages to the market. 

For this reason, we want to make our know-how available to those who want to experiment with new methods and accompany companies in this process of change.

Our Vision

It is a promising historical moment to apply neural networks and artificial intelligence to industrial processes. Huge strides have been made and the development of new and increasingly advanced technologies make these systems more accessible to the market.

We want to be a valid support for our partners, we want to make a difference.

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Model-free approach

Our approach based on CNN do not needs any modelling assumptions

Would you like to experience a new approach in your company?