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Vision I4X

Artificial Intelligence applied to image recognition is experiencing a moment of strong development thanks to the evolution of machine and deep network learning algorithms, the dynamics of rigid bodies and mathematical modelling. 

Through the acquisition of the image, we collect a lot of information that technology is furthermore able to process and analyze returning simple, clear and immediate results.

We are working beyond the classical approach to indoor localization by radio triangulation (like WiFi, Bluetooth, and so on…). 

Indoor localization by CNN (Patent pending)

Our method emulates the human reasoning indoor (humans do not have range sensors but only eyes). It is based on localization by monocular vision, creating a correlation between image flow and observer position/attitude by using CNN.

Potential applications:

Blind people indoor, guidance & warning

Localization in a mall correlating the position with the shelf products

Localization inside large building

Localization inside underground subway

Localization inside large ship

Localization inside underground parking

Localization inside tunnel

Localization during maintenance activity inside a large closed space (tank, tunnel...)

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